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  • Emily Hiers

From the Roots Up: Keeping You In the Know - A Life Behind Sprinkling Success

Welcome to My Blog!

By: Emily Hiers

As the wife of one of Rain Pro's successful irrigation company owners, I am thrilled to step into this virtual space to connect with you all. Here, I aim to keep you updated on the latest happenings within our company and share valuable advice from the knowledgeable owners themselves.

I must admit, being married to an irrigation enthusiast has opened my eyes to the wonders and intricacies of this industry. While my expertise may not match that of my husband's my intention is to bridge the gap between the technicalities of irrigation and the needs of our valued customers.

Through this blog, I hope to provide you with insights into our company's journey, highlighting our achievements, ongoing projects, and the innovations that shape the irrigation landscape. It's an exciting endeavor that breathes new life into the fields and gardens that make our 

beautiful and productive.

Insights from an Irrigation Company Owner's Wife.

Additionally, as I learn from the owners, I'll be sharing their invaluable advice along the way. Considering their vast experience, these tips and tricks will give you a deeper understanding of irrigation best practices and help you make informed decisions about your own irrigation 


But this blog isn't just about us! It's about building a community where customers, like you can engage, ask questions, and exchange ideas. Your feedback and participation are vital in shaping the content we create, ensuring that it not only meets you expectations but also sparks conversations that lead to the growth of our collective knowledge.

So, whether you're a long-time customer, a fellow enthusiast, or someone curious about the world of irrigation, I invite you to join us weekly and together we can explore the latest trends, share experiences, and foster a deeper understanding of irrigation techniques and technologies.

Thank you for joining me here and I look forward to a fruitful and informative endeavor together.

Stay tuned for updates, advice, and inspiration, one blog at a time! Cheers to a life well-watered and a sprinkle of innovation in the blogs to come!

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