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Selling only the highest quality of irrigation materials and supplies, Rain Pro Irrigation is dedicated to putting our customers first and providing services nationwide. Whether you are shopping for a garden or planning for a farm or establishment, let us be your one stop source for all of your irrigation needs. We will provide the tools, material, and equipment you need to have your plants and crops thriving. This family oriented business guarantees the best prices for materials, the most productive crew, and the friendliest customer service.

Rain Pro Irrigation was started in 1982 by David Hiers. At only 17 years old, he began to work on residential irrigation systems. For 10 years he made due with only himself and 2 more guys installing sprinklers in South Georgia. Then in the early 90's he started pecan and blueberry irrigation systems. Through trial and error he found the right and wrong way to do these drip irrigation systems. Fast forward to 2021, Rain Pro Irrigation is a name know all around for blueberry and pecan irrigation. With the help of his two sons, Andrew and Jake, and close to 20 employees, he now services Georgia and many surrounding states.

As part owner of Rain Pro Irrigation, Jacob is dedicated to putting his company first and making his customers a priority. We would like to honor Jacob this month for all of his hard work and effort to making this company grow. All of the personal time he has sacrificed, does not go unnoticed.

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